AU Vows To Fight Trump Administration Birth Control Regulations.


The Trump administration continued its efforts to undermine women's reproductive rights and religious freedom Nov. 7 by issuing final rules that would allow employers and universities to cite religion as justification to deny women access to birth control coverage.

Americans United immediately vowed to fight the new regulations.

"This administration is weaponizing 'religious freedom' to justify hurting the millions of women who depend on contraception for their health and equality," said AU President and CEO Rachel Laser. "Bosses shouldn't get to impose their religious beliefs on their employees, nor should universities on their students.

Added Laser, "Religious freedom is a core American value. So is a woman's right to make her own decisions about health care. The Trump-Pence administration's action today betrays both. We will continue to fight on behalf of women whose access to affordable birth control is at risk."

The Trump administration rules would allow employers to circumvent an Obama-era religious accommodation to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and leave women with no access to affordable birth control. Under the Obama-era accommodation, religiously affiliated institutions and even some for-profit businesses with religious objections to birth control can opt out of the ACA's contraception benefit; the government then works directly with insurers to ensure employees...

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