AU Opposes 'Fairness For All Act' In U.S. Congress.

Americans United last month joined several national organizations in expressing strong opposition to a bill introduced in Congress called the Fairness For All Act.

AU says the bill, which purports to protect LGBTQ rights, will actually undermine them.

In a joint statement, Americans United and other groups criticized the bill. The statement reads in part: "The 'Fairness for All' Act is anything but fair, and it certainly does not serve all of us. It is an affront to existing civil rights protections that protect people on the basis of race, sex and religion and creates new, substandard protections for LGBTQ people with massive loopholes and carve-outs, and upends critical federal programs that serve children in need.

"This legislation is deeply dangerous for many reasons, mainly because it would erode protections that already exist for people based on race, sex and religion, rolling back protections that have been on the books for decades. It would expand the number of places and situations in which lawful discrimination could occur.

"At the same time, it would introduce new, problematic provisions purportedly seeking to prohibit discrimination...

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