AU Calls Out Jeff Sessions' 'Religious Liberty' Task Force As A Discrimination Operation.


Attorney General Jeff Sessions on July 30 announced the formation of a "Religious Liberty" Task Force to enforce the Department of Justice (DOJ) guidance he issued last fall that would allow religion to be used to discriminate.

The announcement came during a DOJ-sponsored Religious Liberty Summit - an event that was replete with religion and representatives of organizations that strive to undermine the separation of church and state.

"Americans from a wide variety of backgrounds are concerned about what this changing cultural climate means for the future of religious liberty in this country," Sessions said. "President Trump heard this concern. I believe this unease is one reason that he was elected. In substance, he said he respected people of faith and promised to protect them in the free exercise of their faith."

In a media statement, Americans United President and CEO Rachel Laser said that rather than protect religious freedom, Sessions' task force would enable it to be used as a sword to harm others.

"The event by the Justice Department offends the true meaning of religious freedom," said Laser. "Far from seeking to safeguard religious freedom, Trump, Sessions and their allies are hard at work trying to destroy that precious right by favoring the religious views of a select few at the expense of religious freedom for all...

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