Attorney faces discipline in Wisconsin over Minnesota misconduct.

Byline: Erika Strebel,

A Minnesota lawyer faces discipline in Wisconsin over misconduct he committed in his home state.

The Office of Lawyer Regulation filed a complaint on Dec. 11 charging Tracy Eichhorn-Hicks with two counts of misconduct. The OLR alleges that Eichhorn-Hicks is subject to reciprocal discipline in Wisconsin because the Minnesota Supreme Court this summer had indefinitely suspended Eichhorn-Hicks' license to practice law in that state.

Moreover, the OLR contends that Eichhorn-Hicks failed to report to the OLR that he had been disciplined, as required by the Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules.

Minnesota's justices in July indefinitely suspended Eichhorn-Hicks' license in July and banned him from petitioning for reinstatement for 120 days.

The court found that he had violated three violations of Minnesota's attorney-ethics rules. He was accused of failing to state in a written fee agreement that his fee was refundable, failed to communicate a plea agreement to a client and forged a client's signature on a medical-release form, witnessing that signature and presenting it as valid to a jail.

Minnesota lawyer-regulators charged Eichhorn-Hicks with misconduct in 2017, alleging he had committed misconduct from 2014 to 2016 with three defendants who had hired him to represent them in their criminal cases.

The OLR is asking the Wisconsin Supreme Court to suspend Eichhorn-Hicks' Wisconsin license for 120 days and adopt conditions for reinstatement imposed by the Minnesota...

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