Attorney Disciplinary Hearing.


Byline: Derek Hawkins

WI Supreme Court

Case Name: Office of Lawyer Regulation v. Patrick J. Hudec

Case No.: 2020 WI 37

Focus: Attorney Disciplinary Hearing

We review a report filed by Referee James J. Winiarski, accepting a stipulation executed by Attorney Patrick J. Hudec and the Office of Lawyer Regulation (OLR), in which Attorney Hudec pled no contest to four counts of professional misconduct and agreed that the allegations of the OLR's complaint were established by clear, satisfactory, and convincing evidence. Consistent with the terms of the stipulation the referee recommends we suspend Attorney Hudec's law license for 60 days and require Attorney Hudec to attend an OLR trust account seminar within one year. The referee also recommends we order Attorney Hudec to pay the full costs of this proceeding, which total $3,991.10 as of January 29, 2020. The OLR did not request restitution and no restitution is ordered.

We adopt the referee's findings of fact and conclusions of law as derived from the parties'...

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