Attention men: your health matters: CoreyPine Shane looks at male health through an herbal lens.

Author:Shane, CoreyPine

Why is so much more written about women's health than men's? Is it because men are less likely to ask for help (or directions!)? Or, is it the mindset that men are tough and invincible to everyday ails? Whatever the reason, men often don't take care of themselves and end up with a variety of ailments from years of bodily neglect.

But, this trend doesn't have to continue. There is a great deal of preventative care that men can take while still young. In fact, using appropriate herbs, consuming the right foods and making some lifestyle adjustments can help men remain healthy even as their hair is turning gray. These measures may even help men avoid issues like heart disease, prostate problems and fading sexual vitality that affect so many.


Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the U.S., and men have a higher incidence of the disease at a younger age. Herbs like garlic and turmeric can help protect the heart. Incorporating these herbs into the diet can also help lower levels of "bad" cholesterol and protect the blood vessels from atherosclerotic plaque.

But men should not rely on herbs alone for heart health. They also need to learn to listen to their heart, feelings and passions. Men need to acknowledge that they are not tools in some great machine, all brain and muscle. Unless men tune in and start living in harmony with their hearts, they may find a time in their lives when their heart fails, and no amount of herbal medicine can heal that.

Cholesterol and fats are not the true enemy, though Cholesterol is the chemical basis for terstosterone and all steroid hormones, and fats make up the wall of every cell. So, it's not the quantity of fat and cholesterol that counts, but the quality Eating, good fats, such as olive oil, sea fish, nuts and seeds can actually be helpful, as can taking an Omega-3 supplement like flax oil or fish oil. It's also just as important to avoid the bad fats, like hydrogenated, old or rancid oils, and, of course, trans fats.

When it comes to heart herbs, don't forget hawthorn. Many heart herbs are too strong for use unless recommended by a trained herbalist, but hawthorn can be used for almost any heart condition; it nourishes the heart by increasing blood flow to the cardiac muscle so that the heart can function more efficiently.


You could say that there are two main energetic patterns to be aware of with most male reproductive problems: a stagnation of energy in the...

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