At the Pavilion.

AuthorMoore, Alex
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Work Title: At the Pavilion

Work Author(s): Alex Moore


Byline: Alex Moore

He was a lighthouse of attraction: a six-foot-eight figure sporting a blue suit, open striped shirt, luminous eyes, and a grin as wide as the Cheshire cat's. People flocked to see Earvin "Magic" Johnson at the African American Pavilion at BookExpo America in Los Angeles. He was there to receive the Reginald F. Lewis Vanguard Business Leader Award for service in urban communities and to introduce his book, Urban Magic: 32 Ways to Succeed in Business. Tony Rose, executive director and co-founder of the African American Pavilion, introduced him. Magic signaled the radiant mood of everyone, which made browsing the booths inviting. Below are books picked up and heralded by their vivacious authors.

The Afrocentric Bride: A Style Guide (Amber Books, 978-0-9727519-1-9) by Therez Fleetwood is a guide to creating ethnic elegance for prospective brides wanting to enhance contemporary styling with African design elements. Shannell was under the spell of Zulu culture and desired to incorporate it in her wedding dress. Inspired by the colors of the South African sunset, she chose a dress that was tie-dyed in various shades of orange and gold with embroidered trim and gold-painted cowrie shells. Her necklace was inspired by the Maasai of southern Africa and their colorful beadwork. Styles in the book are contemporary, alternative, traditional, and heirloom. The author is an ethnic designer who studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.

"Prince Charming is really a lying Queen," says Joy Marie, about discovering that her husband was unfaithful. The Straight-Up Truth About the Down-Low (Creative Wisdom Books, 978-0-981-5443-2-8) consists of stories of betrayal, pain, and survival brought on by "down-lows," a secretive subculture of gay men who are married to women, but keep their habits of cavorting with others hidden. Feeling sad and lonely one night Joy Marie felt...

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