At the Farm.

AuthorHallberg, Whitney
PositionBrief article - Audiovisual review

Work Title: At the Farm

Work Author(s): Laura Gates Galvin, author; David Austin Clar, illustrator

Studio Mouse

4 books/Audio CD

Special Note

ISBN: 9781590694848

Reviewer: Whitney Hallberg

Farm Fun.As technology changes, learning activities do as well. Studio Mouse has released several lines of box sets with audio CDs for the tech-savvy toddler.

At the Farm, from the "Learn & Carry" line (978-1-59069-484-8), includes four small picture books and a CD in a convenient box complete with a child-sized handle, making this educational set a portable toy as well. The four board books---Shannon the Sheep, Clara the Cow, Charlie the Chick, and Pinky the Pig---introduce children ages two to five to life on the farm. Within the pages, Charlie is hatched from an egg, Shannon is shorn by Farmer John, and Pinky bathes in the mud to stay cool.

The illustrations of the friendly, smiling livestock by David Austin Clar are set against...

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