Association for Enterprise Information.

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The Association for Enterprise Information (AFEI) serves the needs of our members and Government stakeholders through trusted, substantive collaboration on today's critical problems in mission, business and operational information environments. AFEI Government stakeholders and Industry members work together on policy, technology and cultural issues. AFEI members form an unparalleled community of experts that collaborate to develop creative, innovative and timely approaches to the challenges facing information environments.

Through business, government, and academic alliances AFEI provides a platform for information exchange on the critical enterprise information issues of today.

Our members work on issues that support the vital national goals of:

* Promoting the secure sharing of information amongst business, governments and citizens.

* Advancing the leveraging of national information assets for decision advantage and

* Providing communities of interest best practices that continuously evolve in developing and deploying more secure and resilient IT environments.


AFEI facilitates communities of interest to make the transfer from visionary to reality by aligning the activities within government and industry. AFEI Working Groups are open to participation by those with legitimate interest in working on critical issues. The following are examples of the AFEI working groups:

The DI2E Industry Advisory Group seeks to provide input as a nonpartisan catalyst to USD(I) on industry perspectives with regard to evolving business models and information environments that enable reuse and interoperability.

AFEI hosts ADAPT (Agile Defense Adoption Proponents Team), a joint government-industry interest group that is focused on enabling increased use of agile methods in defense procurement programs.

AFEI is also a founding member of the Federation of Enterprise Architecture Professional Organizations, which is driving the establishment of professional standards and education for enterprise architecture.

AFEI is a founding member of the officially chartered PM-ISE...

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