Association for enterprise information.


People - Process - Technology

The Association for Enterprise Information serves the needs of our members and government partners for dynamic collaboration on critical problems concerning mission, business and operational information. AFEI provides a platform for interactive idea and information exchange amongst business, government and academia on the critical enterprise information issues of today.

Our members work on issues that support the important national goals of:

* Promoting the secure sharing of information amongst business, governments and citizens,

* Advancing the leveraging of national information assets for decision advantage, and

* Providing a community that evolves best practices in developing and deploying secure IT environments.


Working collaboratively, AFEI helps the community move from vision to reality. AFEI Working Groups are open to participation by those with legitimate interest in working on net-centric operations issues. As an affiliate of NDIA, AFEI closely coordinates its activities with those of NDIA Divisions...

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