Assessing faculty use of University Library Collection and Services in Nigeria: a case of Covenant University, Ota.

Author:Israel, Ifijeh Goodluck


A university library is a part of a university organization which aims at the advancement of the functions of its parent body. Kumar (2006) asserts that a university is supposed to perform the following functions:

* Teaching

* Research

* Publications

* Conservation of knowledge and ideas

* Extension services

The well administered university library directs its activities towards the fulfillment of these objectives. One of such activities is the acquisition and organization of information resources. The university library exists in an academic context and its role is subsumed in developing a highly visible collection that is well organized and serves as academic support for teaching, learning and research by faculty and students. Considering the role library plays in the university therefore, its collections have to be broad in terms of quantity and quality for faculty to appreciate its essence and use especially in teaching and research (Weber and Flatley, 2008). These resources include both book and non book materials. The importance of the library is further underscored by the need for faculty to be abreast with current trend in their areas of research.

In view of the above, this paper evaluates the use of the library's collection and services by the faculty of Covenant University.

A Brief History of Covenant University

Covenant University is a private Christian institution situated in Canaan land, Ota, Ogun state of Nigeria. Founded in 2002, the university has built a reputation of excellence within its short period of existence.

The University has two colleges, made up of six schools awarding degrees in over 30 programmes. The University Library, also known as the Centre for Learning Resources, caters for the learning, teaching and research needs of over 6000 students and more than 300 members of faculty. It houses thousands of books, journals, audio and video CDs as well as operates a functional virtual library that provides users with access to thousands of E-journals and books. The library's media centre provides users with access to internet using both local area network (LAN) and wireless network connections.

Statement of the Problem

Covenant university library, like other academic libraries in Nigeria, has invested heavily on acquisition of book and non book materials. This study seeks to investigate the use of these resources by the university's faculty. Findings from the study maybe taken into consideration in the university's plan for improvement of the library's resources and services.

Objectives of the Study

* To ascertain the frequency of use of the library's collection and services by faculty

* To find out the purpose of such use

* To find out the kinds of materials used

* Identify problems encountered in the use of the library

* Identify ways to improve the library's efficiency

Review of Literature

The academic productivity of any faculty in a university depends on his access to quality information resource materials for classroom work and research. The place of the library in providing these resources cannot be overemphasized. Edoka (2000) in obiozor and Ogbonna (2007) observed that 'the entire human and material resources in a library are put in place at considerable expense for...

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