Assassin's Creed -- Leila (Vol. 6).

Author:Amidon, Allyce
Position:Brief article - Book review

Eric Corbeyran and Djillali Defali (illustrator); ASSASSIN'S CREED -- LEILA (VOL. 6); Titan Books (Comics & Graphic Novels: Comics & Graphic Novels) 9.99 ISBN: 9781783297733

Byline: Allyce Amidon

For fans of the popular video-game series Assassin's Creed comes Eric Corbeyran's entertaining offshoot comics series. Leila, the sixth and final book of the series, stars Jon Hawk. Jon is a member of the Assassin Brotherhood and can experience the life and memories of his ancestor El Cakr in ancient Egypt. In this installment, Hawk is trying to determine the location of the Scepter of Aset, last in the possession of El Cakr in Egypt, 1341 CE, before his enemies, the Templars, can get their hands on it in the present day. However, back in 1341, El Cakr has been thrown in jail...

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