Asprin, Robert & Friesner, Esther. E. Godz.

Author:Hoy, Sherry
Position::Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

ASPRIN, Robert & FRIESNER, Esther. E. GODZ. Baen. 309p. c2005. 0-7434-9888-7. $6.99. SA

Light fun with a touch of Carlos Castaneda; slightly fluffy, but with underlying meaning and some zinger lines. Edwina Godz, CEO of E.GODZ, Inc., decides the time has come for her two children to assume some responsibility in her company, which provides tax benefits and profits for select nonprofit magical organizations. Unfortunately, the siblings despise each other and are only interested in making each other look bad. Edwina sets them up in competition for the entire company, telling them she is dying. They each race around the country, contacting as many of the big-money holders in the corporation as possible for backing. In the process, they find out more about themselves and their own values. In the end they decide to work together, which was Edwina's original goal. Dysfunctional siblings Peez and Dov are unusual main characters, but Asprin and Friesner make it work with lines like "Peyote and Presbyterians didn't mix worth a damn." The spells they visit upon each other are purely Machiavellian...

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