Transport: aspiration pneumonia caused by aide's negligence.

Position::Medical Center v. Pounders - Brief article

The patient was in the hospital recovering from removal of a brain tumor.

She had problems swallowing but had no difficulty breathing. Her lungs were clear and her chest x-ray was normal.

She was on oxygen with a humidifier connected in her oxygen line. The humidifier apparently was laid on its side by an untrained patient transporter during the process of transferring her to a stretcher to transport her from her room for tests in another hospital department. That allowed water to flow into the patient's lungs through her oxygen line.

Non-sterile fluid in her lungs caused major problems with aspiration pneumonia which sent her back to the ICU.

The Supreme Court of Mississippi approved a judgment of $150,000 in the patient's favor.

Since the patient transporter admitted he had no...

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