Position:Book review

Rudy Simone (author); ASPERGIRLS; (Health & Fitness) $18.95 ISBN: 9781849058261

Sometimes it seems there are more questions about Aspergeras syndrome than there are answers, so perhaps itas time to consider learning more about it from the stories of women who are actually on the spectrum. Thatas what writer and Aspergeras Syndrome consultant Rudy Simone has done. An Aspergirl herself, Simone interviewed more than thirty-five women on the autism spectrum, twenty to fifty years old, about their experiences with learning, working, dating, mothering, and more. The author argues that while men and women with Aspergeras may share some of the same traits, for example, a high level of intelligence and a sensitivity to sights and sounds, the traits are perceived and manifested differently. The book also points out the differences between Aspergirls and non-spectrum girls, particularly regarding social interaction.

Most of Aspergirlsa chapters include the authoras experiences, quotes from interviews with several women, an advice section for girls on the spectrum, and an advice section for parents. In the chapter titled aHigher Learning,a the author writes, aWhen it comes to college, I would say to all Aspergirls please donat give up.a Later in the chapter, she urges parents to go to the universityas disability office because their daughter aneeds an advocate for she may not be able to advocate for herself.a Many of the women interviewed offer frank information that...

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