Asked & Answered: Davis balancing time between law school, Miss Milwaukee duties.

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Byline: Ali Teske

Crowned Miss Milwaukee 2022 in March, Jada Davis made history as the first Black woman to win the title in the organization's 98-year run. A Milwaukee inner city native, Davis wears many hats with a diverse group of passions and interests.

"I'm a dancer, entrepreneur and law student," Davis said. She obtained her undergraduate degree in communication and democracy justice studies from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay and is now pursuing a law degree.

Scheduled to graduate from Marquette Law School in spring 2023, Davis plans on taking the bar exam in larger cities, staying in Milwaukee for a period of time. Supported by a mentor, friends and family, Davis has advice to those pursuing a career in law: "People that may be reading this that want to pursue a law degree, make sure that you connect and start to network early. It's who you know, not what you know a lot of the time. Connecting with other professionals in the field is always important."

Davis recently sat down with the Wisconsin Law Journal to discuss her recent win and journey to becoming a lawyer.


Wisconsin Law Journal: You're here at Marquette Law? What made you want to pursue a law degree?

Davis: I'll start with this little funny story. In second grade, I dressed up as a lawyer for Halloween and I wore this little suit with a suit skirt and briefcase for my candy. I don't really eat candy, but I had a briefcase for it. That's when I first realized I kind of want to be a lawyer and this was something I wanted to do. That's something that's always been in the back of my head. When I got to high school and had to make a decision about what I wanted to do with my life, I was like: 'Yeah, I want to be a lawyer.'

WLJ: With a background in dance, how do you merge your love for the arts while pursing a legal career?

Davis: During college, I figured out that I wanted to practice either entertainment or family law. Hopefully, one day I can be a celebrity divorce attorney. That's like my dream job well a celebrity attorney in general just to have that entertainment side as well as the family law side and bring those together. Entertainment law is something that's of interest to me because I'm a dancer and because I enjoy the music industry and the entertainment industry. That's something I want -- be able to work with artists and actors, athletes with contracts.

WLJ: What made you want to pursue Miss Milwaukee? Have you done other pageants like this before?


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