Author:Jeary, Tony

Q: I feel stuck in a rut. I'm doing fine personally and professionally--but that's all. Fine. How do I renew myself and get to the next level?

A: Many of the people I coach come to me wanting to become a "new person." One of the biggest ways I impact their lives is to sit them down and say, "The first thing you need to do is get clear on your values." So let's start there.

Most people make the mistake of setting their goals just for what they want to have; however, they forget to include things they want to give, share, experience, and--most importantly--become.

If you want to become a new you and get to the next level, whatever that may mean in your life, a big piece to that puzzle is starting with your values. So what do you value? Make a list of 10 words that represent what you seek to be. Meaningful words, like generous, fair, joyful or winner.

Now it's a little easier. A powerful way to kick-start your quest to live out those words is to think about and answer these questions: Am I the same person I was a year ago, or am I better? If I want to become a...

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