ASIL Annual General Meeting: March 26, 2009.

Author:Kirgis, Frederic L.
Position:Proceedings of the One Hundred Third Annual Meeting of the American Society of International Law: International Law as Law

The Annual General Meeting was convened at 3:00 p.m. in the Grand Ballroom of the Fairmont Washington Hotel.

After the agenda was adopted, Roger Alford presented a tribute for Thomas Walde, who passed away on October 11, 2008.

President Lucy Reed gave a short sketch of the state of the Society. She began with the embezzlement by Charles Clifton. The amount is close to $400,000. Criminal proceedings have been brought against Mr. Clifton. The Society retained forensic auditors to review the situation and make recommendations. A demand letter has been sent to the Society's former auditors. The Society has implemented new controls, including hiring a new financial officer and creating a new Audit Committee. The Tillar House staff has stepped up and has performed admirably.

Lucy pointed out that there are about 1300 registrants for the current annual meeting, making it the largest since the Centennial meeting. The Society has engaged in many activities this year, including issuing the report of the task force on U.S. policy toward the International Criminal Court. In addition, a joint task force of the ASIL and the ABA's Section of International Law has produced a report on treaties in U.S. law post-Medellin. The Society's Interest Groups have been very active. Our individual members have been very productive, as reflected in the honors and awards they have earned.

Janie Chuang presented the Society's Certificates of Merit, as follows:

Preeminent contribution to creative scholarship: Douglas Johnston, The Historical Foundations of World Order: The Tower and the Arena;

High technical craftsmanship and utility to practicing lawyers and scholars: Commentary on the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, 2d ed. (Otto Triffterer, editor);

Specialized area of international law: Ralph Wilde, International Territorial Administration: How Trusteeship and the Civilizing Mission Never Went Away.

She also mentioned that Mark Drumbl has been given honorable mention in the Preeminent contribution category for his book, Atrocity, Punishment, and International Law, and the editors of The Oxford Handbook of International Investment Law (Peter Muchlinski, Federico Ortino, and Christoph Schreuer) have been given honorable mention in the Specialized area category.

The Lieber Society Prizes were presented as follows:

Book category: Guenael Mettraux, The Law of Command Responsibility;

Article category: Grant T. Harris, Human Rights, Israel, and Political...

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