Ashes Rain Down.

Author:Khan, Shoilee
Position:Book review

William Luvaas (author); ASHES RAIN DOWN; Spuyten Duyvil (Fiction: Short Stories) 16.00 ISBN: 9781881471172

Byline: Shoilee Khan

Ashes Rain Down is a collection of linked short stories set in a dismal, pre-apocalyptic world where environmental disasters wreak havoc on disparate communities scattered across the country. The world is embroiled in The Forever War, which, as the name suggests, is a never-ending global conflict that continues to break down the societal structures that hold fragile communities intact. The stories follow a motley collection of characters residing in Sluggards Creek, a town that serves as a microcosm of the world at large. This is a community on the brink of collapse -- a waning food supply, no electricity, limited gas, and increasingly violent civil unrest have pushed people to the very edge of human tolerance.

Yet, against this depressing backdrop, Luvaas manages to inject every story with a sense of buoyancy. The collection is strangely uplifting despite the operatic landscape of desolation that pervades every aspect of these characters' lives. In the title story, readers meet Lawr Connery, an affable and surprisingly poetic man who is intent on believing in the goodness of the human spirit though he knows the world is very quickly careening toward an end. The writing style is poetic but also refreshingly crisp. The opening lines for example, carry the reader into the story on a rhythm: "Ashes rain down from the sky, or fall in a steady blizzard, rather, drifting slowly down, some tiny, some the size of oak leaves, individuated as snowflakes." The language is precise...

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