Ash Divan.

Author:Carson, Michael J.
Position:Ash Divan: Selected Poems of Enis Batur - Brief article - Book review

Ash Divan

Enis Batur

Tailsman House

PO Box 3157, Jersey City, NJ 07303-3157

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Ash Divan: Selected Poems Of Enis Batur is an masterful collection of poetical rhetoric in the form of a poetry that whispers of gallant philosophy and wisdom. The words of this great poet are made available in English through ably translations by Clifford Endres, Saliha Paker, Selhan Savcigil-Endres, Mel Kenne, and edited by Saliha Parker. Ash Divan majestically traces the vivid demeanor of the Turkish poet's most intuitive and provocative creations with slight of inquiry of human nature and progressive luxury. Balcony: "Sweetheart, my darling, my Heloise, come/to me, jump in my lap." Sweet-talking...

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