Asgedom, Mawi. The code; the 5 secrets of teen success.

Author:MacGregor, Amanda
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

Little, Brown, 149p. c2003. 0-316-73689-9. $9.99. JS

Motivational speaker Mawi Asgedom, author of Of Beetles and Angels, is back and this time he's offering up advice for teenagers serious about taking control of their lives. Asgedom details the way a teen can create a personal code for success through five main points: win the inner battle; win every day; give first, receive second; never lose hope; and, take smart risks. The author shows the way to unlocking these secrets by providing personal anecdotes about the ways he sought out success as he grew up. Asgedom tells of his childhood in Ethiopia, life in a refugee camp in Sudan, and growing up poor in Chicago. Included in each chapter is the "your turn" section, with questions for the...

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