Asbestos Plaintiffs Ran Out of Viable Insurers.

AuthorZalma, Barry

Brilliant National Services, Inc. ("Brilliant") appealed a summary judgment rendered in favor of the defendant, Lexington Insurance Company ("Lexington"), which dismissed all of Brilliant's claims against Lexington with prejudice and declared that Lexington has no duty to defend or indemnify Coastal Chemical Company, LLC ("CCC, LLC").

In Brilliant National Services, Inc. v. The Travelers Indemnity Company And Lexington Insurance Company, No. 2021 CA 1471, Court of Appeals of Louisiana, First Circuit (September 7, 2022) the Louisiana Court of Appeals resolved the coverage dispute.


Brilliant sued Lexington (among other defendants), seeking contribution for the costs of defending CCC, LLC in a number of asbestos exposure personal injury lawsuits filed in various state courts in Louisiana, beginning in 2011. Brilliant alleged that Lexington issued a general liability insurance policy to its insureds for the period of August 20, 1986, through August 20, 1987 ("Lexington policy").

Brilliant alleged that certain plaintiffs in the asbestos lawsuits claimed that CCC, LLC was the successor to an insured entity under the Lexington policy that was alleged to have manufactured, distributed, marketed, or sold asbestos-containing products. Brilliant claimed that if CCC, LLC was found to be the successor to an insured entity under that Lexington policy, then the insured entity's rights under the policy transferred to CCC, LLC by operation of law. Brilliant further alleged that regardless of whether CCC, LLC was the successor of an entity insured under the policy, Lexington owed CCC, LLC a duty to defend based on the allegations raised in the asbestos lawsuits and the terms and conditions of the Lexington policy.

Brilliant sought declaratory judgment that Lexington owed a duty to defend CCC, LLC in the asbestos lawsuits. Brilliant also sought judgment in its favor and against Lexington for 1/7 of all attorney's fees and costs paid by Brilliant in defense of CCC, LLC in the asbestos lawsuits, together with legal interest, costs, and all other relief to which Brilliant may be entitled.

Lexington answered, raising numerous affirmative defenses and moved for summary judgment, seeking a judgment in its favor declaring that CCC, LLC has no rights under the Lexington policy; dismissing the claims asserted by Brilliant; and awarding judgment in favor of Lexington on itsdemand against Brilliant and CCC, LLC. Brilliant and CCC, LLC opposed the motion. The trial...

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