Author:Siano, Maria
Position:Book review

Gigi Pandian (author); ARTIFACT; Gargoyle Girl Productions (Fiction: Mystery) 14.95 ISBN: 9781938213007

Byline: Maria Siano

In her fast-paced and entertaining debut novel, Gigi Pandian brings readers into a world full of mystery and history.

This first book in the Jaya Jones Treasure Hunt Mystery series introduces the protagonist, a woman in her late twenties who was born in India and now lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. Having just completed her first year as a tenure-track professor, she gets sidetracked during summer break when she learns her archeologist ex-boyfriend, Rupert Chadwick, was killed in a car accident in Scotland. The same day, she receives a package from Rupert with a piece of jewelry and a mysterious message. Jaya recognizes the jewelry as a possible Indian artifact and, in an attempt to identify the origins, enlists the help of Berkeley scholar Lane Peters.

Jaya and Lane both embrace the role of amateur sleuth. Their treasure hunt leads them to London, where two years earlier Jaya first met Rupert when she was conducting her dissertation research on the early foundations of British India. Although it had been more than a year since she had seen Rupert, and she seemingly had no remorse over the breakup she initiated, Jaya still feels a sense of responsibility to fulfill his last wishes. She also suspects Rupert's death...

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