Artie and Julie.

AuthorBradley, Jada
PositionBrief article - Children's review - Book review

Work Title: Artie and Julie

Work Author(s): Chih-Yuan Chen

Heryin Books

Hardcover, $17.95 (56pp)

Children's Picture Book

ISBN: 9780978755034

Reviewer: Jada Bradley

Artie the lion and Julie the rabbit's dutiful parents teach their offspring how to be good members of their species. Artie is expected to catch a rabbit, while Julie is expected to cleverly evade a lion's jaws. However, the book's illustrations show early on that Artie and Julie have other interests. Both are sent off to put their lessons into practice, but befriend each other instead.

The book itself also strays from tradition: the beginning and end are presented as split pages. Only when Artie and Julie meet is the story told on one, unified page. When they are with their families the pages are cut in half, so readers can follow all of one story and then the other or alternate between them. The illustrations do a good job at giving clues. The only oddity is that Julie wears red pumps while her mother wears flats.


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