Art With Anything.

Author:Leeper, Angela
Position:Book review

MaryAnn F. Kohl (author); ART WITH ANYTHING; Gryphon House (Crafts & Hobbies) $19.95 ISBN: 9780876590850

Byline: Angela Leeper

Fancy brushes, paints, and papers aren't needed to make art memorable. Stressing "the process of art" rather than the product, Kohl gives teachers, parents, day care providers, and others who work with children ages 4-10 fabulous and fun ideas for creating art with everyday items, from buttons, yarn, and jars to duct tape, bubble wrap, and sandpaper. Art with Anything offers fifty-two weeks of art projects, with each week focusing on a specific everyday material. Each week is further divided into five art activities, featuring one activity per day.

A list of additional supplies needed (such as glue, crayons, or scissors) begins each week's double-page spread. Day One introduces the week's material with the simplest art activity. Subsequent days build upon the first, culminating with the most challenging art activity on Day Five. Although arranged alphabetically by the everyday material, the weeks and projects may be handled in any order.

The author intentionally includes an element of aggregation, such as collage and mobiles, to allow children to build their artistic skill, understanding, and creativity. Some weeks she suggests bonus ideas for more variations with the material. She also adds notes about availability and safety when needed. If...

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