Art and Travel Europe.

Position:Book review

Heather Corcoran (editor), Stef Schwalb (editor); ART AND TRAVEL EUROPE; Museyon Guides (Travel) $17.95 ISBN: 9780982232057

The writer Henry Miller said, aOneas destination is never a place, but rather a new way of looking at things.a By seeking out new experiences, new perspectives and new places, the traveler discovers a new self. The latest from Museyon Guides, Art + Travel Europe: Step into the Lives of Five Famous Painters is a handy guide for the person hoping to broaden his horizons. Thoughtful essays, excellent graphics (over 150 illustrations and photographs), and easy-to-use information make this book a must-have for the traveling art lover.

Five well-known European painters and their citiesaCaravaggio (Rome), Goya (Madrid), Munch (Oslo), Van Gogh (Arles), and Vermeer (Delft)aare the stars of the show. Each artist is featured in a practical way, with a brief biographical essay, a description of his region, and recommendations for exploring both the past and the present. The reader is introduced to the painter in a new way: as a person rather than as a legend. For example, Van Gogh painted athose ubiquitous sunflowersa to decorate his guest room during a visit from Gauguin. And Caravaggio, a knight famous for his violent temper, anever sketched his ideas, instead he went straight to the canvas to capture the scenes he had set in front of him.a Taking the position that the artwork speaks for itself, Art + Travel Europe takes a day-to-day approach to travel. There are lists of the masterpieces, and suggestions for guided tours...

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