Arrows of Fire.

Position:Book review

Arrows of Fire

Marlen Suyapa Bodden

Roatan Hall Press

9781732974708, $39.99, HC, 308pp,

Synopsis: It is October 1519 and the Aztec empire of Mexico is on the edge of a disastrous collapse as Hernan Cortes leads his army of Spaniards and their native allies to attack and conquer Moctezoma's capital.

The Aztec emperor Moctezoma believes the only way to save his empire is to heed the traditional demands of the God of War and sacrifice a beautiful woman warrior named Flower in exchange for protection from the invaders.

But a different faction (known as the resistance) seek to overthrow Moctezoma and go to war against the invaders. The resistance has other plans for Flower--if they can only help her escape before Moctezoma offers her as a sacrifice. Will Flower make it out in time to join the...

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