Arrested Development.

AuthorKanzler, Pat

Regarding "The Right Way to Protest" by Mike Ervin (April/May issue): I am in total agreement with this; it is called NONVIOLENT CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE!!!! Like when I was arrested four times during Occupy Eureka (California, where I am from). I subsequently wrote a "My Word" editorial for the local paper, allowing how it was a total waste of money to arrest me four times, fingerprint me, strip me, write up all my scars, take down my history, make me wait four hours for... nothing. They let me go without prosecuting me, because I was a white, fifty-seven-year-old cancer survivor, registered nurse, and single mom. If I had been Black, the results would have been much different.

I have been in many other protests--against the Trans-Pacific Partnership and Trump in Washington, D.C.; for better housing in Vermont, Maine, and Washington, D.C.; to protest Blackwater and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac; many...

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