Around One Log.

Author:Popham, Mary
Position:Children's review - Book review

Jennifer DiRubbio (illustrator), Anthony D. Fredericks (author); AROUND ONE LOG; Dawn Publications (Children's: Juvenile Nonfiction) $8.95 ISBN: 9781584691372

Byline: Mary Popham

Field trip! What excitement for children to anticipate new discoveries in nature and have fun while learning. Author Anthony D. Fredericks creates enchanting rhythms and rhymes accompanied by Jennifer DiRubbio's realistic, sometimes larger-than-life paintings and spreads in this remarkable guide, Around One Log: Chipmunks, Spiders, and Creepy Insiders. The result is an intriguing, yet accessible way to learn about nature's cycles, decomposition, and the reemergence of new life.

With an opening letter to the book's visitors, Roly-poly, a balled up buddy -- a gray, rounded, small land creature -- begins the thrilling lesson with an overview. He describes what happens when a flourishing, giant oak tree is struck by lightning and then blown down by wind. The roly-poly, sometimes called a doodle-bug, tells about the predator and the prey, the big and the small, and the decaying tree which becomes a wonderful home for them.

Long soaking rains seeped into some spaces;

Wide patches of moss spread over these places.

Over time the great tree slowly wasted away --

The once mighty trunk began to decay.

Young readers discover a busy community in astonishing arrays of insects that find a home in the rotting log site. Ants, worms, millipedes, crickets, and beetles scamper about; termites chew on the wood; a scared salamander hides beneath it. A garter snake...

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