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Maine has become the first East coast state to take action on the threat of ocean acidification. A new law passed in April addresses the potentially devastating impacts of rising carbon dioxide levels in the ocean on habitat and commercial shellfish. CLF, in partnership with other nonprofit organizations and commercial fishermen, led the effort to draft and enact the bill, which is a critical tool in helping to identify and enable work to find solutions before the impacts of acidification become irreversible.


Leaks from aging natural gas infrastructure throughout Massachusetts threaten public safety, the environment, and consumers wallets. CLF drew attention to this triple threat with its launch in March of www.clf.orgimap, an interactive website designed to help the public visualize the thousands of natural gas leaks in the state. The launch coincided with a successful effort to advance a bill in the state legislature that will force action to fix the leaks.


In a win for a cleaner Great Bay estuary, voters in Exeter overwhelmingly voted to fund the first steps in building a new sewage treatment plant--one that will replace the outdated plant that discharges into the Squamscott River, which flows into Great Bay. The campaign for this positive outcome was the first outing for CLF's new Clean Water Advocates for Great Bay network, a local citizens action group organized by our Great Bay--Piscataqua


A new bill that will drastically increase the amount of clean, renewable energy in Rhode Island is making its way through the General...

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