Army Service Day--PDI 2017.

Author:Heap, Gordon

Audit Readiness Making Waves was this year's theme for the PDI Army Service Day. This was my first PDI, but not for a lack of trying. Mission requirements have prevented me from attending up to now and if I attend only one, I picked the right one. The morning started out with opening remarks from Acting Assistant Secretary of the Army, Financial Management and Comptroller (ASA(FM&C)), Ms. Caral Spangler and Military Deputy ASA(FM&C), LTG Karen Dyson.

Next, Dr. Dennis Davis, Director, Proponency Office, and master of ceremonies this year, announced the financial management award recipients. The awards went to individuals, teams, and organizations, with Medical Command distinguishing itself by coming away with the lion's share of awards. Ms. Spangler and LTG Dyson emphasized the importance of recognizing our military and civilian financial managers. Leaders have an obligation to capture and put forward for recognition all those accomplishments that our community routinely does day in and day out. If I'm fortunate to attend the PDI next year, I'd expect Medical Command to have some stiff competition.

Ms. Spangler and LTG Dyson both spoke to us about the myriad challenges we face within our community that in total amount to a virtual 'Tidal Wave.' We routinely operate under a Continuing Resolution so often that our junior military and civilians have never seen an approved budget on 1 October. We are working towards the audit and all that it entails: capturing and standardizing business processes, learning new systems of record, working with the other audit stakeholders in the logistics and human resources communities, and keeping our commanders apprised of our progress at every echelon. We're doing all this in a time of churn and uncertainty that comes with every new administration and an enormous number of vacant positions within the Office of Secretary Defense, as well as Department of the Army. Despite these and many more challenges, we are making progress and it is not all doom and gloom. Once this Tidal Wave' crests and the learning curve flattens out, we will be better as a community. Better at advising senior leaders and communicating to taxpayers how their tax dollars are being used in the Army.

Right before lunch was the part I alluded to in the beginning, about if I attend only one PDI. Ms. Spangler played a video of resource management teams across the Army thanking LTG Dyson for her 37 years of dedicated service to the Army and the...

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