Army officials detail new live-virtual training system.


At a time when the Army is shrinking and financial resources are becoming scarce, the service is hoping to field a new system that will merge live and virtual training into a seamless environment.

The future holistic training environment will cut down costs, hardware and the number of contractors needed to execute training scenarios, according to a presentation given by Brig. Gen. Joseph Martin, deputy commanding general of the Combined Arms Center-Training at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, during an industry forum at Fort Eustis, Virginia. The Army expects to field it by fiscal year 2022, with full deployment in 2025.

In the next decade, the Army will become leaner and more expeditionary, Martin said. Training and education materials need to become easier to use and to deploy at installations around the globe.

The idea behind the environment is a scalable, open architecture system that incorporates future training programs and supports ground, air, sea, cyber and space scenarios, said Col. John Janisze-wski, director of the National Simulation Center. "It will collapse constructive, virtual and gaining capabilities into one synthetic environment that can be coupled with live training," Janiszewski said.

"It will allow commanders to incorporate the plan, prepare, execute and assess steps of unit training management into multi-echelon training exercises."

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