Army: Active Duty.

Position:NDTA MILITARY UNITS AWARDS - National Defense Transportation Association

109th Transportation Company (Medium Truck)

JLTF 1144

Camp Arifjan, Kuwait

The 109th Transportation Company (Medium Truck), stationed in Mannheim, Germany, executes the peace time mission of delivering US Mail and general cargo throughout US Army, Europe. When deployed to Kuwait in July of 2007, the unit transformed to conduct a new, vital transportation mission in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom 2007/2008. The 109th conducted convoy security escort operations, an extreme challenge that it met with great success. Nicknamed the "Mule Skinners," the 109th flawlessly escorted theater convoys from Camp Arifjan, Kuwait, to major Forward Operating Bases throughout Iraq, immediately distinguishing itself as one of the premier convoy escort companies in theater. For 15 continuous months it provided secure passage for more than 208 Combat Logistics Patrols, traveling more than 840,000 miles over the most treacherous roadways in the world to sustain the war-fighting capabilities of more than 150,000 Coalition Forces. The...

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