Arming the hunter for success.

Author:Dehn, Tim
Position:Outdoor marketplace

Buck Stop's extensive line of premium liquid scents provides hunters many choices to fit any situation or time of season.

Hunters can attract deer with Mate-Triks, the original Doe-In-Heat scent, 200 Proof or X-Cel. They can arouse curiosity with Buc Plus or Gland-U-Lure. To work on a buck's territorial instinct, there's Ruck 'N Buck, Charge II and Supreme Buck Urine.

The scents, 200 Proof. Ruck 'N Buck and Charge II, come in 2 ounce flip-top bottles. The five other scents come in 1 1/4-ounce flip-top bottles. Mate-Triks and Gland-U-Lure, long-time top sellers for the company, are also available equipped with a pump spray in a 2-ounce size, or in a cost-effective 4-ounce package. Gland-U-Lure also comes in a 2-ounce Time Release formula with a gel base.

The original Apple Scent Garbow started the business with is still in the line, along with five other concentrated food scents and five long-lasting Buck Beads food scents. Buck Stop makes cover scents for hunters, as well as odor-eliminating sprays, soaps and...

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