Armageddon, Texas; Book 3 of The Messiah Trilogy.

Author:Amidon, Allyce
Position:Brief article - Book review

Tommy Zurhellen; ARMAGEDDON, TEXAS; Atticus Books (Fiction: Science Fiction) 14.95 ISBN: 9780991546916

Byline: Allyce Amidon

The stories of Beowulf and Genesis are played out across a postapocalyptic Texas in a book that is not only witty and exciting but wickedly smart to boot. Thirty years ago, the world ended -- most of humanity is gone, half of the American South is under water, and the other half is turned to unforgiving desert. No one under the age of fifty is left, except for a boy and a girl who are maybe aliens, don't have belly buttons, and can talk to animals. Oh yeah, and there's a dragon. And a monster and his mother. If the story is starting to sound familiar, it's guaranteed you've never read it like this.

Tommy Zurhellen is a master craftsman. Each chapter is written from a different character's perspective...

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