AuthorArmstrong, Ginger
PositionBrief Article

Tor. 333p. c2002. 0-312-87727-7 $15.95. SA

In this novel by the editor of Analog, Lester Ordway, while walking in a public garden, is stung by a unique insect he cannot identify. The sting seems to take an inventory of his memories, and Lester grapples with the overwhelming emotions and sensations that occur during this "attack." Lester manages to grab the "bug" and keeps it clenched in his hand until he is examined at the hospital. When Lester opens his hand, tiny reproductions of the "bug" buzz throughout the room and sting those around Lester. Medical technologist Pilar Ramirez is among those who experience a less potent sting. Angry that the hospital desires to keep this incident quiet, Pilar decides to join Lester in discovering the true nature of these strange creatures. Enlisting the help of entomologist Maybelle Terwilliger, Pilaf and Lester discover that these "bugs" have been created using an advanced form of nanotechnology. Their desire to expose this discovery results in an unsettling warning to stop the investigation as well as...

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