Argentina: securing the future.

Author:Bernal-Leon, Alberto J.
Position:THE BOTTOM LINE - Statistical data

Argentina's economy has changed radically over the last nine years. According to official statistics, the economic growth since the end of the crisis in 2002--from the year 2003 through 2010--reached an impressive rate of more than 7.5 percent year over year, a rate that was also one of the most interesting among emerging markets during that time. Clearly, the country went from living a period of total chaos (readers may recall the image of a Korean store owner crying as a mob looted his downtown Buenos Aires shop or those of desperate account holders gathered outside banks, trying to get their money out) to enjoy an economy functioning at a pace consistent with full employment.

As readers who have had the pleasure of visiting Argentina recently know, the situation today is starkly different compared to a decade ago. Looking just at Buenos Aires, the shopping centers of the Calle Florida are bustling and the restaurants of Puerto Madero are packed with tourists and business people. Flights are full, and the Friday afternoon traffic from downtown to the airport is, frankly, ridiculous. These are all signs of great economic energy.

The economic success of Argentina since 2003 is tied...

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