Are you REDI? OPM's strategic recruitment and engagement strategy aims to create a more diverse and engaged workforce.

Author:Ketter, Paula
Position:EXCHANGE - Interview

In early March 2015, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) released the REDI Roadmap, a comprehensive, data-driven strategy to help the federal government attract, develop, and retain a talented, engaged, and diverse workforce. REDI, which stands for Recruitment, Engagement, Diversity, and Inclusion, reflects OPM's commitment to the people and culture pillars of President Obama's Management Agenda. I spoke with Katherine Archuleta about this strategic initiative.

Q. Can you briefly describe the REDI roadmap?

A. I'm so excited to talk about Recruitment, Engagement, Diversity, and Inclusion, which is the full name for REDI. Essentially, it's a roadmap to how we are going to move forward on how we recruit and hire new talent. It's driven by three very innovative concepts, in terms of how we're approaching our strategies.

First, we are making our decisions based on data. I'm a very emotional person, and I would love to be able to make decisions based on my heartstrings, but that is not an effective tool for measuring how successful we are. So, we are making sure that the decisions we make around recruitment and hiring are really based on the data that we have available to us--and the rich resources we have here at OPM.

The second piece that is integral to REDI is using innovation and digital tools to make sure that we're reaching, attracting, and engaging the workforce of today. For example, how we communicate has changed, even in the last two years. Using these new innovative tools will help us reach even further and deeper into communities that we've not been able to reach before.

And finally, REDI is really based on our partnerships. What are we focusing on? How do we collaborate with our own agencies and departments? How do we work with universities and colleges? How do we work with nonprofit groups? How do we work with employee resource groups to help us not only get the word out, but also to identify new talent for the federal workforce?

The roadmap is a way for OPM to lay out the strategy to address these challenges, and also to help OPM focus on some critical skill gaps in science, technology, engineering, and math--what we call STEM skills.

Q. Was there a specific catalyst for developing and launching this strategy?

A. You know, since the day I came to OPM, which is now (April 7, 2015) about 18 months ago, I've been struck by the conversations that I've had with people all over the country. The first six months of my tenure, I really spent time listening to ideas about how OPM could modernize the way the government recruits and hires, engages, and develops our federal workforce.

In particular, I was curious about how we can attract a diverse workforce that really reflects the citizenry that we serve. As I listened to these conversations, it was clear that we needed to launch a new...

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