Are you prepared for what lies ahead in 2010?

Author:Lanter, Amy
Position:IN FOCUS: A Message from the Editor - Editorial

This year is sure to present new records-related regulatory, technical, and management challenges. For example, if your organization has moved--or is considering moving -"to the cloud," are you prepared to speak knowledgeably about the records and information management implications it might have on your organization? It is imperative for you to be at the table with IT and legal to ensure that records retention, security, and litigation issues are considered.

In case you missed them in earlier issues of this magazine, two articles you'll find in our online Information Management magazine archive provide valuable guidance on this topic. "A Walk in the Clouds" by Patrick Cunningham, CRM, and Jesse Wilkins, CDIA+ provides a foundation for understanding what cloud computing is and its benefits and risks. "Clouds on the Information Horizon: How to Avoid the Storm" by Brent Gatewood, CRM, provides a checklist for evaluating cloud-based initiatives to determine your ability to manage the information being created or stored in the cloud.

The beta Records Management Services Specification, which a task force from the Object Management Group is working to finalize the first quarter of this year as Version 1.0, is another resource that should inform your decisions about cloud-based services. (See htm for more information about this project.) According to Alan Pelz-Sharpe, CMS analyst, the theory for the Records Management Services Specification is "to provide some common web services that can be utilized wherever RM functionality is needed, regardless of location, and to enable truly centralized RM."

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