Are You Living or Existing?

Author:Hinton, Kaavonia
Position:Book review

Kimanzi Constable (author); ARE YOU LIVING OR EXISTING?; Sound Wisdom (Nonfiction: Self-Help) 14.99 ISBN: 9781937879242

Byline: Kaavonia Hinton

With an author "in the same boat" as the reader, this guide encourages proactive action in a conversational tone.

"Are you living or existing?" reverberates from the cover of Kimanzi Constable's book, daring readers, despite their quality of life, to consider this captivating question. For Constable -- author, speaker, and consultant -- you are existing if you "get up every day and pretty much do the same things," while living involves moving forward, making changes, and doing something "new and exciting."

In a simple, often colloquial (e.g., "Your coworkers are driving you bonkers," and "So you're pretty hardcore") style that helps readers imagine they are in the hands of a trusted friend, Constable shares nine steps to creating a meaningful and fulfilling life. Short chapters filled with advice inspired by the author's own experiences help readers define their goals, from weight loss to career moves: excise negative people and thoughts, adopt healthy habits, manage money, establish an action plan, and "pay it forward." Chapters end with a helpful "post-game replay" designed to garner self-reflection and action.

As interesting and insightful as Constable's personal experiences are, the success of his steps might prove more convincing if he included evidence from scientific research, anecdotes from interviews conducted with others...

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