Are employees overdoing the flextime? 4 ways to set some boundaries.


Flexible work arrangements are a popular employee perk these days. But do your employees view flextime as an entitlement they can use as they please?

Flex abuse is leading more organizations to rewrite their rules regarding who can use this benefit--and how. Putting more structure and accountability into the process makes flexibility less of an ad hoc perk. Here are four ways to tighten your plan:

  1. Ask employees to apply. Create guidelines for the administration of flex programs that are fair and address all business needs.

    Example: RSM, a large accounting firm, requires employees to justify their flexible schedules in writing. The short proposal must show how the flex helps clients and co-workers (in addition to themselves) and describe how it should be evaluated.

  2. Make workers manage their own schedules. A flex arrangement is only worth keeping if it benefits your company's financial, strategic and production goals.

    Example: At an Arizona insurance office, employees discuss their compressed schedules weekly and plan how the assigned work will get done. Everyone--not just managers--knows all co-workers' schedules and duties...

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