Arcilia Acosta.

Author:Coulombe, Charles
Position:PROUST - Interview

Arcilia Acosta is a Latina entrepreneur/business owner and is also a corporate director. Acosta is owner and CEO of CARCON Industries and of STL Engineers. She is also a board member of Energy Future Holdings and of Legacy Texas Financial Group. In addition to running her companies and serving on corporate boards, she also serves on a number of community, non-profit, and educational boards. Acosta grew up in Kermit, a small town of around 6,000 people in West Texas. She graduated from Texas Tech University and embarked on a successful career in banking. Acosta was honored by being chosen as the commencement speaker for Texas Tech in 2015. When the time came to take the reins at her dad's construction company, Acosta was ready. She moved the company to Dallas and the rest is history. Acosta has a terrific track record of business success and of corporate and community leadership. Here Acosta shares her perspective on business and on life.

What is the secret to your success at CARCON Industries and STL Engineers?

Success is measured in many ways: people, profit, growth, etc. I have always intentionally set goals with milestones and have always believed in strong, consistent performance metrics. Secondly, I always trust my intuition--this is paramount. Being in a great place in my heart and soul, allows me to make critical decisions every day and never look back.

What is your leadership style?

I am a big believer in the concepts in Stephen Covey's "The Speed of Trust". This simple but powerful leadership style is in essence, "The ability to establish, extend, and restore trust with all stakeholders--customer, business partners, investors and coworkers." To me, it takes an important life virtue of trust into a deeper sense of meaning. These principles have always guided me as an individual, as a mother, friend, and CEO. I have always led according to basic core values that are innately a part of my being, such as integrity, character, respect, and intent.

How do you inspire your management teams and employees?

As the owner and leader of two companies, I make it a point to meet with my management teams weekly. I stay closely connected with our projects and staffing needs. And with my team, we meet with our clients to understand J their needs, deadlines, and goals. While I am a very engaged CEO, I empower team members to make decisions that move us forward. Visitors to our organization often observe that our employees "all march to the beat of...

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