Architecture and Engineering: Form and Function.

Author:Mackenzie, Kathryn

Winter solstice has passed and now in February we're butting up against the Spring equinox, which means every day is getting just a little bit longer. While most Alaskans are thrilled with this slow march toward long (oh, so long) lingering summer days, I find myself already missing the resplendent, frigid days of winter. I love everything about winter in Alaska--the sparkling ice fog; soft, fluffy snow; the way the evening light turns the white landscape a soft pink; and most of all long, cozy evenings at home with my candles lit, a warm blanket on my lap, and a good book by my side.

I fully appreciate that part of the reason I'm able to enjoy winter the way I do is because of decades of engineering innovations that have ultimately help provide me with a warm, structurally sound building to call home. For years upon years, engineers have been developing smarter design and construction methods to create safe, functional spaces. When we add in the art of architecture, those spaces become beautiful and even inspiring, so whether we're at home or at work we can meet our potential in beauty, safety, and comfort.

Coincidentally, February is when the nation celebrates engineers with EWeek. This year's theme, Pioneers of Progress, is particularly fitting for the Last...

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