April Diez and the Diez Group.


EIGHTY PERCENT of success in business is simply showing up. No one knows that better than the Delaco Steel Corporation, an aluminum and steel manufacturing service center that specializes in blanking (exposed and unexposed), cut to length, laser welding, precision slitting, warehousing and logistics.

Since being founded by Geraldo Diez Sr. in 1973, Delaco has aggressively shown its mettle and muscle by showing how the family-owned business can successfully compete with big players in the space. Today, the Diez Group lead by Geraldo, who works tirelessly with his four children: April (Vice Chair), Sherry (Vice President), Jerry Jr. (President), and Mark (Vice President).

The company has evolved into a conglomerate of eight thriving companies that span approximately 2 million square feet within 10 facilities across a half dozen states. Each operation is strategically located to optimally service its key customers.

Delaco's chief and long-time customer is Ford Motor Co. Delaco started its storied business partnership with Ford in the late 1970s. Soon after, Delaco developed a string of major contracts with Ford involving steels sales, processing and storage. Their partnership has grown significantly over the years thanks to Delaco's business prowess, attention to detail and commitment to the iconic American

"We were instrumental in launching Ford's Raw Material Supply Program in the early 1990s," April Diez told Latino Leaders Magazine. "Delaco Steel strives to maintain world-class quality and on-time delivery. In 1997, the company received the distinction of becoming the first minority steel service center to be awarded Q1 by the Ford Motor Co. We concentrate on making both ourselves and our customers more cost effective."

In 2010, Delaco spearheaded a scallop blanking initiative, which proved to be a major material and cost savings to Ford.

"We continue to work with Ford to further develop scallop blanks and other cost-saving strategies," April continued. "Our relationship with Ford has been very successful due to the fact that Ford has clear objectives for growing the business as a minority-owned business (MBE)."

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