Apprentice To A Garden.

Position:The Gardening Shelf - Brief article - Book review

Evelyn J. Hadden

Less Lawn Press

16275 County Road 47

Plymouth, MN 55446

9780981969800, $11.99,

In "Apprentice to a Garden: a New Urban Gardener Goes Wild", Evelyn J. Hadden chronicles four years of gardening adventures and moments of succinct illumination when she toiled in her first to transform her uninspiring and lifeless urban into a lovely 'no mow' plot filled with hundreds of wood and herbaceous plants, along with decorative rocks ranging in size from pebbles to table-tops. There is even a home-made pergola. But "Apprentice To A Garden" isn't really another horticultural instruction guide, rather it is a series of reflective commentaries that are part...

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