Apple's Tim Cook will fly only by private jet due to security and financial concerns.


[caption id="attachment_126792" align="aligncenter" width="624"] Apple requires its chief executive Tim Cook to use only private jets for personal safety[/caption]

Apple's chief executive Tim Cook has been ordered by the firm to use only private jets for both business and personal transport.

In documents filed with the US markets regulator, Apple said the policy was "in the interests of security and efficiency".

Apple reported that Mr Cook's personal travel expenses came to $93,109 (A[pounds sterling]69,253) in 2017.

His personal security expenses came to $224,216, the tech giant added.

In 2017, the chief executive's salary was just over $3m. He also received $9.3m in bonuses, plus $89m of shares that were promised to him if he met certain targets.

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