Appendix A: Talking the Talk

AuthorBert Spector
ProfessionProfessor of Strategy at Northeastern University
Talking the Talk 135
Every profession relies on its own specialized vocabular y. For attorneys—
both in-house and outside counsel—familiarity with the “talk” of ma nagers
should help immeasurably in understanding interactions. Here, therefore,
is a list with definitions of key words.
Accounting equation—assets = liabilities + shareholders’ equity.
Accrual accounting—an approach to accounting followed in the United
States that records the economic impact of a transaction when that
transaction is agreed to rather than when the cash is received.
Acquisition—a transact ion in which one corporation buys assets or shares
of another corporation.
Acquisition premium—the dif ference between the price per share the
bidder offers for the target’s stock and the pre-acquisition price of that
AIO dimensions—a segmentation of customers based on lifestyle: activi-
ties, interests, and opinions.
Asset—a holding of a corporation that can be either converted to cash or
put to productive use.

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