Appendix G: Antitrust Checklist

AuthorMatthew J. Kreutzer
The purpose of the antitrust laws is to protect competition. At the federal level,
there are three principal laws that are concerned with anticompetitive behavior:
the Sherman Act,
the Clayton Act
(as amended by the Robinson‑Patman Act),;
and the Federal Trade Commission Act.4 Most states have parallel laws that pro‑
vide a separate basis for attacking anticompetitive conduct.
The summaries and checklists that follow are, like any checklists, overly simpli
ed. They are intended to alert the practitioner to potential issues and provide
some limited guidance for further inquiry.
The Sherman Act proscribes any “contract, combination...or conspiracy in
restraint of trade or commerce.”
As construed by the courts, not all commercial
agreements violate section 1: only agreements that unreasonably restrain trade
or commerce are proscribed.6 Accordingly, most analysis under section 1 falls
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Appendix G
Antitrust Checklist*
Matthew J. Kreutzer
*This appendix is an update of the one prepared by W. Michael Garner that appeared in
the rst edition of this Monograph.
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