Appendix 6: The Birth of the Constitution: A Chronology

Author:Leonard W. Levy, Kenneth L. Karst

Page 2975

September 11–14 Annapolis Convention.
September 20 Report of Annapolis Convention, calling for a Constitutional Convention, submitted to Congress.
October 11 Congress sends Annapolis Convention report to committee.
November 23 New Jersey elects delegates.
December 4 Virginia elects delegates.
December 30 Pennsylvania elects delegates.
January 6 North Carolina elects delegates.
January 17 New Hampshire elects delegates.
February 3 Delaware elects delegates.
February 10 Georgia elects delegates.
February 21 Congress calls Constitutional Convention.
March 3 Massachusetts elects delegates.
March 6 New York elects delegates.
March 8 South Carolina elects delegates.
March 14 Rhode Island refuses to elect delegates.
April 23–May 6 Maryland elects delegates.
May 14 Day appointed for beginning of Convention; quorum not present.
May 14–17 Connecticut elects delegates.
May 25 Quorum is present (seven states represented); Convention begins.
May 29 Governor Edmund Randolph introduces the Virginia Plan.
June 15 William Paterson introduces the New Jersey Plan.
July 16 Great Compromise approved: voting power in first house of Congress to be apportioned by population; states to have equal voting power in the second house.
August 6 Committee on Detail submits draft to Convention.
September 12 Committee on Style submits draft to Convention.
September 15 Draft Constitution approved by unanimous vote of the states represented in the Convention.
September 17 Constitution is signed; Convention adjourns.
September 26–28 Proposed Constitution debated in Congress.

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September 28 Congress transmits Constitution to the states for ratification action.
September 29 Pennsylvania calls state convention.
October 17 Connecticut calls state convention.
October 25 Massachusetts calls state convention.
October 26 Georgia calls state convention.
October 31 Virginia calls state convention.
November 1 New Jersey calls state convention.
November 6 Delegates to Pennsylvania convention elected.
November 10 Delaware calls state convention.
November 12 Delegates to Connecticut convention elected.
November 19–January 7, 1788 Delegates to Massachusetts convention elected.
November 20 Pennsylvania convention begins.
November 26 Delegates to Delaware convention elected.
November 27–December 1 Delegates to New Jersey convention elected.
December 1 Maryland

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