Appendix B: Preliminary Due Diligence Checklist of Franchise-Related Documents

Please provide the documents and lists described below with respect to
each franchise program that currently exists or that may have existed. Cer
tain documents may be responsive to more than one request below. In order
to avoid duplication of effort, please cross‑reference previous or subsequent
[Note to reader: the following list can be further segmented into individual docu-
ment checklists, or can be condensed into broader categories. The former can be
daunting to, and imposing on, the company that is the subject of the due diligence,
but detailed checklists will make easier the task of indexing and reporting the results.
In addition, the due diligence checklist should reect specic aspects of the target
franchise company, its business, and its industry.]
Franchise Agreements—List of Agreements Executed with Franchisees
Chronological list (and copies, if not provided in response to
I.B.2.a. below) of all executed franchise agreements (including
standard franchise and nontraditional franchise agreements),
identifying the outlet and whether:
a. in operation (with original owners);
b. executed, but not yet in operation;
c. transferred but still in operation with date of transfer;
d. terminated; or
e. reacquired.
Appendix B
Preliminary Due Diligence Checklist of
Franchise-Related Documents
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